Sunday, November 14, 2010

OH G900.....

"The G900, announced at the Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM congress) in February 2008, is a mid-to-high end smartphone based on the Symbian OS 9.1 UIQ 3.0 platform. The phone sports high quality sound, 3G, wi-fi and a clear 5.0 megapixel camera.",kata en. Wikipedia.

5 Reasons Why Sony Ericsson G900 Sucks!!

Made available in June 2008, the Sony Ericsson G900 is the flagship model in Sony Ericsson’s G-series line of mobile phones. It may have enticing features such as 5-megapixel camera and touchscreen, but is it as good as what is shown on paper?

1-SMS Blows
The SMS application crashes consistently. Sometimes you get no notification of incoming messages at all. No ringtone, no icon. A restart of the phone is required to get it working again. It is extremely frustrating when you realize that you've just missed dozens of messages that went quietly to your inbox.

2-Mediocre Camera
As professional photographers would tell you, megapixels don't equate to quality. If you think that the G900's 5-megapixel would give you beautiful pictures, think again. Due to its poor lens and sensor, some say its pictures are worst than some 2-megapixel camera.

3-Tiny Screen
The screen may be large enough for viewing purposes. But for touchscreen usage, I find it way too small. Pecking with the stylus is a chore, struggling to keep your hands steady to click on those tiny icons. And if you are going to be using your fingernails, I say good luck unless you are amazingly dexterous.

4-Poor Finishing on Side Buttons
There's something about the chrome side buttons that has this cheap and poorly finished look to it.

5-False Advertising

It leads you to think that you can use the touchscreen like an iPhone, using your fingertip to do smooth scrolls. But the G900 is really made only for stylus usage, thus it will usually work only with your fingernail rather than fingertip. And the iPhone-like photo scrolling you see? That's a fake too. Or at least it's my unit that just can't seem to scroll more than one photo at a time.

ni ialah comment seorang blogger mengenai model Sony Erricsson G900..Kalau bace full spec di internet kompem korang akan berminat dgn enset nih.dgn harga yang standard(mampu dimiliki),ada plak 5Megapixel camera,wifi & touchscreen..n kompem2 3G!.

Telah dibuktikan bahawa hampir 90% cmment blogger ni adalah tepat & ak sangat bersetuju dgn beliau..So,kesimpulannya jangan mudah terpedaya dgn iklan dan maklumat di internet semata2..ok!

ape kaitan SE G900 ni dgn ak?sgt rapat kaitannye,,,krana aku trgolong dlm pngguna G900 yg "bertuah".tp not bad sgt sbnarnye..cme ak xpuas ati dgn camera tuuu!!

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